You Could 100x Your Gains by Fixing These Common Crypto Mistakes

3 min readJul 6, 2022

I learned a lot this past bull run. I made some major mistakes. In crypto, mistakes can be costly.

Keep reading to find out the mistakes I made and what I learned. You’ll avoid devastating losses and missed opportunities.

Being risk averse

It took me a while to recover from 2018. I stepped away from crypto. Crypto seemed too volatile and the gains people had earned seemed too good to be true.

Crypto started to pick up in late 2020. I saw the potential, but I was reluctant to put money into it. I invested a few hundred dollars (bought ETH around 700 USD). I thought crypto was really cool back then, but I didn’t invest much. I had a lot of money sitting around but I didn’t want to pour it in. Instead, my money went into less risky index funds.

Hindsight is 20–20. I wish I listened to my conviction. That’s a mistake I’m not going to make again.

Getting greedy

I eventually decided to take the leap and started going all in on crypto. NFTs are volatile. A lot of the prices are driven by hype and FOMO. I got burned by holding some NFTs for too long.

There was one instance, where an NFT I bought was up over 500% (well above the goal I set). I had…




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