Solana 101: the lightning fast L1 ⚡

  • Proof of History (POH) — a clock before consensus;
  • Tower BFT — a PoH-optimized version of PBFT;
  • Turbine — a block propagation protocol;
  • Gulf Stream — Mempool-less transaction forwarding protocol;
  • Sealevel — Parallel smart contracts run-time;
  • Pipelining — a Transaction Processing Unit for validation optimization
  • Cloudbreak — Horizontally-Scaled Accounts Database; and
  • Archivers — Distributed ledger storage
  • Smart Contract Audits. Solana Labs trains and assists third-party auditors to audit projects and make sure that they’re safe.
  • Solana Program Library. Solana maintains something like an open source library that companies can run with by building front-ends and businesses around them.
  • Solana Capital. Solana invests in projects built on the protocol.
  • Scalability (65K TPS/ subsecond global state finality)
  • Low cost (Avg txs fee is $0.0007)
  • Composability (High performance without layer 2s/sharding)
  • Top tier ecosystem partners
  • Decentralized and secure
  • Scalable composability is not possible with sharding/layer 2s



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