Breaking down the Kaiju Kingz NFT Project

  • @ohDotss (Nathan Flickinger) is the lead developer. He’s been a developer and worked in the software industry for years. Nathan does a little bit of everything. You can read more about his experience on his LinkedIn:
  • @arzinator (Gerald Arzola) is the other developer. He is a software engineer who went down the Crypto and Web3 rabbit hole. He’s alwaysvresearching the next big crypto news or at the peak of a mountain with a snowboard in hand. @arzinator’s LinkedIn:
  • @FutureBoy3LLL is the artist. In the past he’s been a Music Producer, Illustrator and Multimedia Designer. Previously he was the Co-Founder and Art Director for Final Bout. He led design, social media and manufacturing of the products line. @FutureBoy3LLL also has over 10 years of experience with professional illustration and design.
  • @MagusDevon is the Community Manager. He is a Web3 enthusiast and weeb extraordinaire. @MagusDevon seems smart and has done a good job thus far.
  • Earn $RWaste that can be used to create baby Kaijus.
  • Stake Kaiju to earn $SCALE: This is going to play a central role in the KaijuKingz P2E ecosystem (they are central to the DNA extraction process, which will allow owners to strengthen/upgrade their Kaijus).
  • Membership to the Kaiju Kingz DAO: The Kaiju Kingz DAO will review applicants from those aspiring to make their dreams a reality. Chosen by community vote, those that are approved will receive a grant to cover living expenses and a boot camp that will help them flourish. The DAO will use the community vault for grants that empower upcoming talent. The goal is to help shape and improve the Web3 landscape.
  • Access to the P2E ecosystem: This game will feature Kaiju monsters battling each other in turn-based combat. The initial P2E ecosystem ($SCALES, DNA Extraction, Scientists) is slated to be released over the next 2–4 weeks.
  • Access to alpha groups



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