Breaking down the Ape Gang NFT project

3 min readMar 29, 2022


Ape Gang is a community of apes that live have settled in Ape City. The apes living in these cities have formed multiple gangs: good guys, bad guys, crazy guys, chilled guys, weird guys, scary guys… and even more. Ape Gang launched in June 2021 and the project has come a long way since then. The team has done a lot of work to market the project, they’ve revamped the website, and even integrated their utility token ($Gang). Ape Gang is a very interesting project that has accomplished a lot and has much more in store.

My Opinion

I really like the Ape Gang project. They’ve done a lot of great work, the community is strong and supportive, and I think that the artwork is great too (in fact, one of the reasons I bought mine was that I needed a new profile picture after the Space Yetis debacle). The community is solid, and the the Ape Gang twitter presence is very strong. The team is also constantly working to improve the project. They recently revamped their smart contract, creating the $Gang token (this is going to allow Ape Gang to give holders utility down the line).

The Team

The team is yet to dox so I’d keep an eye out for that. Nevertheless they’ve been active on discord and have delivered thus far, so I’m optimistic. Some of the team is set to dox at an event some time in the next month or two.


Community is at the center of the ape gang project. The discord is active, and the community is helpful. Many holders also participate in gang wars. Many of the holders also participate in Gang Wars. Gangs of apes go head to head in 50v50 battles, lead by notorious gang leaders. Season 1 of Gang Wars just ended (this took place on the discord). Exclusive jaguar NFTs will be rewarded as prizes throughout the tournament and will play a vital role in $GANG utility and future gang wars seasons. The Ape Gang twitter page is also really great. The community is supportive and active on twitter.


  • I don’t normally talk about roadmaps because they’re often not followed and they’re largely the same/similar across most projects. The Ape Gang Roadmap is pretty unique, in the way that they’ve taken bits and pieces from other projects and added them to their roadmap. Moreover, they’ve delivered on their roadmap for the most part. I’ll go more into specifics in the Benefits and Features section.
  • You can check out the roadmap here:

Benefits and Features

  • $Gang utility token
  • Working to market project: there was an Ape Gang billboard in NYC in October
  • Participate in Gang Wars and win prizes
  • Free Toucan Mint: All holders (as of October 2021) were able to mint a Toucan Gang NFT for free
  • IRL NFT Galleries: partnered with TheEtherealCollective and have a guaranteed spot at three galleries in Q1 & Q2 of this year in London, NYC, and Dubai
  • Ape Gang’s Metaverse: Ape Gang are currently having their custom metaverse made where you will be able to run around Ape Gang island as YOUR ape in a 3D photo-realistic world
  • Every ape holder will receive a VX version of their ape to use within sandbox





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